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World Loanword Database

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[I]nformation on loanwords, source words and other words in 395 languages.

The origin of the word "Frisbee": Yale students and Connecticut pies

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Exactly when Yale students started tossing around tin pans made by the Frisbie Pie Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut, isn't clear. Most histories of the Frisbee, as well as lists of "Connecticut Firsts," put the date at about 1920. Students would fling the empty pie tins to each other as they crossed the campus and shout "Frisbie!" as a warning, like golfers shouting "Fore!" [...]

Word of the day: "View-Source Clan"


An invented term used to describe the developers that will be learning [a] new spec primarily through the process of viewing and copying existing implementations.

That is to say, by using a browser's "view source" function (or similar). See also: "Why specs matter"

A Word A Day: sprachgefuhl


A feeling for language or a sensitivity for what is correct language. ... If you have Sprachgefuhl, you have an ear for idiomatically appropriate language.

word of the day: proselytute

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From proselytize + prostitute, a derogatory term.


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Live wordgame fun; I really suck at it.

OED Science Fiction

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OED science fiction words and phrases project, now updated to allow public access to the SF citation database. Way cool.

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