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Wikipedia:Lamest edit wars


Cow tipping

Is it appropriate to include a picture of a cow with the caption "An unsuspecting potential victim"? ...

Wikipedia: List of films by gory death scene


Favourite section: "Death from slicing by a sharp object where it takes some time for victim to fall apart"

random articles found on Wikipedia part #4543: "Professional farter"


There are a number of scattered references to ancient and medieval professional farters (flatulists), who could produce various rhythms and pitches with their intestinal wind. ...



I love the way Wikipedia has become a treasure trove of niche information that would never make it into a "real" encyclopaedia. I'm more interested in things like the He-Man character guide, but it's good to know that porn-fiends can be at home there too.



Impossibly hard trivia questions pulled live from WikiPedia. I'm at 20+ questions with none right so far...

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