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Subpixel-rendered type family

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3px x-height! Unintelligible on a CRT!

New Black Face

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The Question can be put simply: How did [the Neuland and Lithos typefaces] come to signify Africans and African-Americans, regardless of how a designer uses them, and regardless of the purpose for which their creators originally intended them?

Automatic pullquotes/liftout quotes with JavaScript and CSS


Wrap quotes in <span class="pullquote">. I'm not having any luck thinking of something more Markdown-ish.



(free) sIFR font repository

rotor: experimental rotating font

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Rotor is an experimental script created to realize the concept of letters that literally move on the “page”. It consists of seventeen minimal pairs of graphemes in which the members of each pair are identical except for the way they move ...

Hideous, but an interesting idea. I'd like to see one using the simplest possible glyphs, like a motion-based Morse code.

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