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Stargate Studios Virtual Backlot Reel


Fascinating to see the use of greenscreens even for commonplace scenes. The Ugly Betty example is amazing: easier/cheaper to film street and add an actor to it later than actually film them on location! Also interesting that the 2012 reel has fewer screens. Background replacement must be getting easier.

24 Season Two: The Musical


A new perversion from the authors of the Silence of the Lambs musical.

10,000 Joost invites for Ars Technica readers


Surprisingly fantastic software; unlike with YouTube et al, I can actually imagine abandoning TV for this (or something like it).

Bakuten Domino: jaw-droppingly awesome vidoes of random stuff set up and knocked down like dominos


The second video on that page includes explosives, motorcycles and a live emu.

Law and Order Valentines

 # [via]

Vaguely creepy, especially the "You're Extra Special!" card with the picture of the abused woman on it.

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