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Veronica Mars, Class Warrior

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With an artfulness and pathos that no other show has quite pulled off, "Veronica Mars" expresses the deep ambivalence that the working and middle classes feel about the rise of a monstrously flush ruling class in our midst. In doing so, it makes manifest both the deep-seated class resentment that makes a populist political revolt seem so tantalizing possible and the Stockholm Syndrome-like admiration that makes it so maddeningly unattainable.

the science of Hollywood pseudoscience


When an episode of "Deep Space Nine" involved a comet, Bormanis was tapped for a crash course in the related astrophysics, such as a comet's size and speed. At times, writers simply write the word TECH in the script and then hand it off to Bormanis to fill in the blank.

Fantasy Bedtime Hour

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Every episode they read 4 pages of "Lord Foul's Bane", analyse it (with guest experts!), then re-enact it. Brilliant.


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Cool retro televisions -- what they thought in the 50s looked sleek and futuristic.

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