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Voting Technology and Security


Great article by Bruce Schneier on the recent election problems in Florida. Don't miss the sequel; it's got details of half a dozen more specific cases of real-world failure.

Automatic Human Washing Machine


I want one. Check out the manufacturer's site for more creepy stuff, like the Visifat "Ultrasonic Subcutaneous Fat Measuring Machine".

Xbox Next specs revealed

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3x 3.0 GHz PowerPC, GPU "a generation beyond the ATI X800."

Technovelgy: Science Fiction Technology


Great database of invented SF science and technology. Cavorite, the ansible, the stillsuit...

Too many inputs!

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Onkyo home theatre unit with -- I kid you not -- 10 video inputs (both S-Video and composite), 15+ composite audio inputs, output for 14 speakers, 6+ digital optical inputs, ethernet, RS232 and more.

Gizmodo : Oh! Super Toaster!


The product information page is elsewhere, but it's the Gizmodo description that makes it noteworthy:

Being a Japanese brand manager must be the best job in the world: Take an exclamation, add the word 'Super,' and append the product function. That leaves us, in this case, with 'Oh! Super Toaster!' a $10,000 toaster that not only slices whole loaves of bread but then toasts them with an infrared beam. But we could just have easily been left with 'Cripes! Super Chessboard!,' or 'OMFG! Super Floss! (Special Edition)'

Safecracking for the computer scientist

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This paper is a general survey of safe and vault security from a computer science perspective, with emphasis on the metrics used to evaluate these systems and the weaknesses that cause them to fail. We examine security against forced, covert and surreptitious safe opening, focusing on the mechanical combination locks most commonly used on commercial safes in the US. Our analysis contrasts the philosophy and tools of physical security with those of information security, especially where techniques might be profitably applied across these disciplines.

W10-525 Briefcase Ballistic Liner Level II


Convert your briefcase into a Life Saving Armor Shield. Insert the 16.5"x10.5" Ballistic Liner into your briefcase to convert it into a Level II Body Armor. Made of 100% Kevlar Ballistic Panel. When the shooting starts, will you be wearing your body armor? With the New Ballistic Panel sitting inside your briefcase, you are assured at all times. Unlike body armor that needs two panels to fully protect you, your briefcase only needs one to work as a shield. Don't leave home without it.

Vintage phone as mobile phone headset

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I've got an old phone in the garage somewhere; I'm tempted to buy a handsfree kit and make one of my own. It can't be that hard... (Famous last words.)

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