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Making of the wireframe CG in Star Wars


Render a frame (2 minutes), take a picture, render a frame (2 minutes), take a picture...

Reinterpreting "A New Hope" in light of the prequels

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As we now know, the rebel Alliance was founded by Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Bail Organa. What can readily be deduced is that their first recruit, who soon became their top field agent, was R2-D2.

"Megatron and Slave Leia" (NSFW)


I don't think I've ever seen a picture that so loudly screamed, "your obsession is unhealthy, creepy fanboy!"

Star Wars and the Gay Agenda


The Gay Agenda is pernicious throughout the six movies. From the black "gimp" mask that Darth Vader wears to his apparent S&M relationship with Governor Tarkin, evinced by the Prncess's line "I should have expected to find you holding Vader's leash," to the way he kneels and calls the Emperor "My Master."

Response to a fanthropology post about ridiculous media conspiracy theories, e.g. Pokémon promotes satanism!!1.

girls dressed as Darth Vader


most disturbing fetish ever?

Revenge of the Sith review in the New Yorker

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What Lucas has devised, over six movies, is a terrible puritan dream: a morality tale in which both sides are bent on moral cleansing, and where their differences can be assuaged only by a triumphant circus of violence. Judging from the whoops and crowings that greeted the opening credits, this is the only dream we are good for. We get the films we deserve.

awesome George Lucas hating :)

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My god, Lucas turned Darth Vader into DARK HELMET!

Thanks to George's appalling lack of subtlety and talent, one of the great embodiments of screen evil is now the lame embodiment of an over-privileged teen trust kid who had to settle for a stock Benz on their birthday instead of the AMG model.

Force Bond


1, 2, 3, 4.

AU: what if a young Luke was taken to Coruscant? (Vader is hopelessly, hopelessly out of character.)

Luke Skywalker Is Gay?


An explanation/description/history of the fanfiction phenomenon.

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