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"I've never seen a number that reads 0 from that prediction"


The reality of software patents, from a pseudonymous employee in Microsoft's future planning think-tank:

Right now anything you make violates someone's software patent. Nothing you do will not violate something someone holds. ... MS has a huge legal team that will do an evaluation before something is released to see what the predicted cost of infringement will be. I've never seen a number that reads 0 from that prediction, even for the smallest of features.

Chandler 1.0!


Always nice to see vapour precipitate. I think I'll actually use this.

PuTTY Tray


Improved version of PuTTY.

iPod shuffle Database Builder


No more iTunes, never again!

Google Gears 0.2 developer release ready


With cross-origin support and a HttpRequest module for workers (where XmlHttpRequest isn't available).

Google Reader Gears Search


Ahah, Gears does work with Greasemonkey... veerrrry interesting...

Console: tabbed cmd.exe wrapper


cmd.exe by default, but will work with any other shell. Copy and paste that doesn't suck!

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