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Measuring love with an fMRI

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The Romance System. This produces the cocaine rush you get from beginning love. And cocaine is more than an idle metaphor. The reptilian brain — one of the nervous system's most ancient parts — floods you with dopamine, just as it does after you snort a line of blow. The dopamine gives you the same high, lack of sleep, delusional optimism, and obsessive thoughts. The great poet Robert Palmer was right: You can be addicted to love.

Paul Ford: How to Say I Love You

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(51) With dozens and dozens of greeting cards, because the motorcycle accident caused a hemispheral infarction that has made it impossible for you to verbalize emotion and also turned you into a compulsive shopper.

A quoi ça sert l’amour?

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Wonderful, wonderful animation.

Talking engagement ring


Luke Jerram wanted to avoid a traditional proposal so spent three months developing a ring that would play [on a record player]: “I love you for ever. Marry me.”

Roses Are #FF0000

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roses are #FF0000 violets are #0000ff all my base are belong to you

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