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October issue of Esquire to have e-paper cover


No rocket cars yet, but still, animated magazine covers? The future is now.

Angus & Robertson blackmails small publishers

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I'm not surprised: they're already the worst bookseller by far in my local market. If they buy the Borders stores then they'll probably ruin them too.

The English translation of "The Second Sex" is abominably bad

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When Blanche Knopf bought the book on a trip to France, she was under the impression that it was "a modern-day sex manual" ... [The translator] knew French only from his years as a student at Boston Latin School and Harvard, and had no training in philosophy -- certainly not in the new movement known as existentialism, of which Beauvoir was an adherent.

Atlanta Nights

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"Travis Tea," bless his nonexistent little heart, is the umbrella pseudonym of a group of professional authors and editors, mostly drawn from the SF and fantasy field, who each wrote a chapter or two in order to produce a book that superficially resembles a plausible novel, but gets worse the longer you look at it.

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