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F---in' Do It Then


Simple auction/word game for three players: two ("givers") get a random word and bid for the number of words they will have to provide the third ("guesser") for them to guess it. On success, the winning giver gets 2 points and the guesser 1; on failure, the giver who lost the auction gets 1 point.

Part of the Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge.

Naked parties in the Ivy League

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"The dynamic is completely different from a clothed party. People are so conscious of how they're coming across that conversations end up being more sophisticated. You can't talk about how hot that chick was the other night."

Party games you can play with pen and paper


Can't see my friends going for some of these, but Eat Poop You Cat is a distinct possibility.

3-year-old's Jim Lehrer/NewsHour-themed birthday party

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The party was over Memorial Day weekend, and the Schallys made all their guests wear the hats [with pictures of NewsHour correspondents on them] Jennifer Schally designed. They got a cake with the photo of the show's correspondents and Jennifer Schally arranged for Jim Lehrer to send an autographed photo for a birthday present.

It read, "To my youngest fan" and was signed, "Jimmy Jimmy BoBo", which is the nickname Henry gave Lehrer.

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