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Monster: The Medical Annotation


A close look at the Naoki Urasawa's manga thriller. I seem to recall there being less medicine in later volumes, but still, good while it lasts.

(From Polite Dissent, the only blog specializing in representations of medicine in comic books...)

Fortune on the anime/manga industry

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The founder of ADV goes on at length about the importance of the fanbase, then comes out with this:

When ADV thought a Scooby Doo-esque series called Ghost Stories would be a dud, it issued a version with an intentionally inaccurate translation of the script--redubbing the characters to be more American (the leader now has attitude, and the boring sidekick was made into a born-again Christian)--knowing that would stir powerful passions. Authenticity being the Way of the Otaku, fans obliged by erupting in a furor.

Berserk v.29 fan-translation is out


Only a week after it came out in Japan; the official English releases are still twenty volumes behind. Worth buying: the later volumes are fantastic.

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