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Prophetic Justice


The United States is now prosecuting suspected terrorists on the basis of their intentions, not just their actions. But in the case of Islamic extremists, how can American jurors fairly weigh words and beliefs when Muslims themselves can’t agree on what they mean?

Scrivener's Error on the legality of fan fiction


Copyright concerns the right to control duplication of both exact original expression and derivative works based on previously existing exact original expression. It does not involve "ideas" per se. ...

DMCA counter notification form letter


In case your provider is served with an incorrect DMCA letter (and most of them are).

Judith Miller goes to jail rather than reveal confidential sources

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the right thing to do, but a very hard road to take

cartoonist faces jail for blasphemy

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Haderer did not even know that his book, The Life of Jesus, had been published in Greece until he received a summons to appear in court in Athens in January charged with blasphemy.

He was given a six-month suspended sentence in absentia, but if he loses his appeal next month his sentence could be increased to two years.

Fan Fiction, Fandom and Fanfare [PDF]


Look at the history and legality of fanfiction. From the Boston University Journal of Science and Law.

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