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Untrusted - a user JavaScript adventure game


Cute RPG where limited parts of the level code itself can be overwritten to solve puzzles (e.g., in one level, changing the behaviour of a door such that opening it does not remove the key from the player's inventory).

alert(1) to win - JavaScript injection game

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Fun game of practical XSS. Some amazing tricks there and I am confident I have left some of these holes open in the past.

Fabrice Bellard - JavaScript PC Emulator


For those of us who remember JavaScript as a toy, only used for superfluous "DHTML", it's amazing to see it used as a real language -- capable of running an x86 emulator. If nothing else, people will have to stop pointing at Gmail as an example of an impressive client-side web application.

Closure JavaScript compiler and widget library


Google's JavaScript toolbox is amazing.

Character Palette Bookmarklet

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Open a small floating pane with common accented and special characters.

Firebug Lite

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Incredible: a significant subset of Firebug, also compatible with IE and Opera, in a bookmarklet.



The Context Free language for generative art, ported to JavaScript+Canvas!



Processing ported to JavaScript + <canvas> -- amazing.

JavaScript Lint


More useful and more configurable than JSLint.

YSlow for Firebug


Gives tips on speeding up slow pages.

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