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Dennou AR - Virtual Webcam Girl


Fascinating and vaguely perverted use of shape recognition gives users/players some semblance of tactile interaction with pint-sized 3D anime girls.

Hwacha: Unicode in Japan


If you thought handling ASCII vs ISO-8859-1 vs windows-1252 was an irritation you could do without, you're in for an unpleasant surprise.

Sushi bar conveyor-belt video

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Strangely compelling.

Bakuten Domino: jaw-droppingly awesome vidoes of random stuff set up and knocked down like dominos


The second video on that page includes explosives, motorcycles and a live emu.

Marusa No Onna Famicom game?!


That it's possible to make a hilarious film about a tax accountant is unbelievable enough, but how could you possibly turn it into a console game?!

Automatic Human Washing Machine


I want one. Check out the manufacturer's site for more creepy stuff, like the Visifat "Ultrasonic Subcutaneous Fat Measuring Machine".



Aims "to be the world's best English language resource on Japanese music"

random music generator CD

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This CD used on random play mode only.It has various scales included in the 99 tracks.
When using the "random" function, the CD will automatically select random tones, and make a new melody.And when selecting random and return function simultaneously, the new melody will play endless.

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