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Like typosquatting, but caused by bit-flipping. Interesting!

Dissecting today's Internet traffic spikes


The old rule of 70% utilization accommodating an unexpected 40% increase in traffic is unraveling. At least eight times in the past month, we've experienced from 100% to 1000% sudden increases in traffic across many of our clients.

How the Internet Ruins Humour


This is your life, /b/-tards.

insightful internet comment of the day


Pretty much everyone laughs at suffering of some sort or another, and everyone has a limit, a degree of suffering beyond which they'll find no humor. And everyone thinks that people who draw the line elsewhere are either hypersensitive or monstrous.

  • Mr. President Dr. Steve Elvis America

(You can't argue with qualifications like those!)

Harry Potter 7 leaked online


If the photos were better I'd probably be reading it right now...

(FAKE?) SPOILERS: poster purports to have hacked Bloomsbury, stolen final Harry Potter book

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After the quality of the last couple of books, I thought that spoilers, even fake ones, couldn't possibly make my expectations for this one any lower. I was wrong.

Telstra reveals their base FTTN price: $59/month for 512kbps


It includes line rental and capacity, but no data transfer. Good grief.

The Ms.Scribe Story: An Unauthorized Fandom Biography


The fandom angle isn't especially compelling, given that this kind of story plays out not-infrequently in other online communities, but it's an interesting example. The "Ms.Scribe" described goes to extraordinary lengths to ingratiate herself among the community's elite, making many others miserable in the process. There's no apparent financial profit motive, and she doesn't seem to fit the profile of the traditional trolls at (e.g.) Slashdot, (i.e., it's because their favourite game is to make the little people dance).

Even more astounding is that someone thought enough of it to write such an exhaustive chronicle.

Star Wars fanfic on


Woman utterly ignorant of copyright law puts self-published fanfic novel on Amazon.

proposal to censor Australian internet access

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Here's an idea: let parents opt-in to ineffective censorship schemes. Isn't that what parenting is all about?

Ning - social software made easy

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This is going to be so useful. If it takes off (as I hope it will), it won't be too long before we have tools to ease migration away, so it'll be safe too.

Opera browser now available free

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Too many Firefox extensions I can't live without now; I'd be using Opera otherwise.

MouseHole - GreaseMonkey in Ruby

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Userscript proxy -- like an evolved proxomitron. Obviously less powerful than GreaseMonky (no browser access or XMLHttpRequest) but usable out-of-the-box with any browser.

The Time Cube guy has an acolyte


hopefully they multiply slower than tribbles

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