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CPython simpleQL: build SQL from generator expressions


It's a brilliant/evil hack; it works by getting the expression source from the frame and building an AST from it. Lazyweb request: LINQ. (PyNQ?) ;)

Architectures of Control in Design

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Behaviour-regulating designs: the supermarket tile thing I posted the other day is one, but also websites that make it hard to leave, reduced visibility at roundabouts to improve safety... the list goes on.

A-Z Retail Tricks To Make You Shop


Tiles -- Supermarkets used to have a trick placing slightly smaller tiles on the floor in the more expensive aisles of the shop. When a customer entered on of these aisles their trolley would click faster making them think they were travelling faster and thereby subconsciously slow down and spend more time in that aisle.

Hacking Google Desktop Search

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Use GDS to search remote computers.

Hacking Coke Machines

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4-2-3-1: access a Coke machine's information menu.

Vintage phone as mobile phone headset

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I've got an old phone in the garage somewhere; I'm tempted to buy a handsfree kit and make one of my own. It can't be that hard... (Famous last words.)

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