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Mozilla Labs Jetpack


Greasemonkey-a-like geared towards close integration with browser chrome; should eventually be possible to re-implement many major extensions using it.

Brilliant Firefox extension: It's All Text!


Edit textareas using an external editor, because it's all text! Right click on a textarea, select "It's All Text!" and edit the text in the editor of your choice.

YSlow for Firebug


Gives tips on speeding up slow pages.

Google Reader Gears Search


Ahah, Gears does work with Greasemonkey... veerrrry interesting...

Red Pandas and Ocelots


it merely sends the PHP file to the user as an application/x-ocelot-stream, which prompts Firefox to open a Save As dialog box.

If you send a stream of ocelots after a red panda, it better be running for its life, not stopping to open up a dialog with anyone.

Puns are not the lowest form of humour. MIME is.

Greasemonkey Compiler

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Turns Greasemonkey userscripts into XPIs!

Greasemonkey 0.2.5

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Greasemonkey 0.2.5 includes an XMLHttpRequest convenience method that works across domains. Oohhhh yeah.



RikaiXUL is a plugin version of the Japanese Reading function of In runs in (and requires) the Firefox browser.

That is, mouseover kanji to get English and hiragana translations, plus radicals. It's too cool.

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