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Collapse IV: 'Concept Horror'

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Fourth issue of the journal of 'philosophical research and development'. Engrossing.

Cookie Monster Searches Deep Within Himself and Asks: Is Me Really Monster?


Me know. Me have problem.

Me love cookies. Me tend to get out of control when me see cookies. ...

"Subjugation" is now complete


Another guilty pleasure: self-indulgent science fiction novels. This is an amateur one, so it's even more self-indulgent than usual. (I'll just say that the hero ends up with a harem of alien women and leave it at that.) That's why it's a guilty pleasure.

Babarism: The Church of Babar

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Every facet of our lives can be positively influenced by asking ourselves, "What would Babar do?"

I'm not sure that the ruthless despot of Celesteville is the best subject of such an inquiry.

Jane Austen Story

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Literary detective work: investigating a "new" allusion.



There was some worry last month when a few fanfiction sites were sent cease-and-desist notices by the MPAA for daring to use their rating system (e.g. G, PG, PG-13, R). In what I assume is a response to this, just announced that they're "adopting the Fiction Rating guide from FictionRatings.Com". (The two sites are owned by the same person.)

The decision to adopt a system which isn't legally murky is admirable, but this is only marginally better.

Fiction Rating "unverified" symbols and textual guidelines may be used at no cost provided the following conditions are met:

  1. Non-Profit use: personal use or via an organization.
  2. All content using the Fiction Ratings system must be completely free, without requirement of registration, and be openly accessible to the general public.

Why oh why couldn't they make it completely open? It's not even usable by sites like Restricted Section, which requires free registration to keep minors from accessing NC-17/X-rated content.

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