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Pulitzer-Prize-winning fanfiction


Congratulations! You've just summarily dismissed as criminal, immoral, and unimaginative each of the following Pulitzer Prize-winning works:

  • Jane Smiley's novel A Thousand Acres, a modernized AU (Alternate Universe) retelling of King Lear and winner of the 1992 Pulitzer Prize for Literature. King Lear is itself a hybrid of multiple folk and fairy tales

  • Rodgers & Hammerstein's Tony-Award-winning South Pacific, which was based on James Michener's Tales of the South Pacific and is the only musical to win the Pulitzer Prize that is based on another work that also won a Pulitzer.

  • Geraldine Brooks' March, a parallel retelling of Little Women and winner of the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for literature

(And so on and so on and so on...)

Terrible Yellow Eyes

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Where The Wild Things Are fan art.

24 Season Two: The Musical


A new perversion from the authors of the Silence of the Lambs musical.

Did They Have Fan Fiction in the Middle Ages?


John Lydgate is the worst medieval offender that I can think of off the top of my head. For the prologue to his Siege of Thebes, he wrote himself into Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

And so while the pilgrims were
At Canterbury, well lodged one and all,
I don't know what to call it,
Luck or Fortune -- in the end
That led me to enter into that town

Fanworks Finder


Searchable index to fan art/fiction around the Web. Really great feature-set, but I wonder how easily it's going to scale.

FanLib wholly exploded


Henry Jenkins has the best summary; the short is that the founders made a terrible mistake by trying to establish a business based on exploiting a demographic they don't understand.

Fan-produced audio commentaries

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All the ones I've tried so far have been devoid of either humour or useful insight, but with luck that'll change...

The Ms.Scribe Story: An Unauthorized Fandom Biography


The fandom angle isn't especially compelling, given that this kind of story plays out not-infrequently in other online communities, but it's an interesting example. The "Ms.Scribe" described goes to extraordinary lengths to ingratiate herself among the community's elite, making many others miserable in the process. There's no apparent financial profit motive, and she doesn't seem to fit the profile of the traditional trolls at (e.g.) Slashdot, (i.e., it's because their favourite game is to make the little people dance).

Even more astounding is that someone thought enough of it to write such an exhaustive chronicle.

California, the fanfic state


Kevin Andrew Murphy:

Well, I live in a state that owes its name to fanfic: California is named after the island of California, home of Queen Calafia, her beautiful black amazons and their man-eating griffins, as all detailed in Garcia Ordonez de Montalvo's Las Sergas de Esplandian, which was the Sword of Shanarra of its day, a highly unauthorized but popular sequel to the much more highly respected Amadis de Gaul, more The Lord of the Rings of its day. At the end of Don Quixote, Cervantes had this to say about Esplandian: "Verily the father's goodness shall not excuse the want of it in the son. Here, good mistress housekeeper, open that window and throw it into the yard. Let it serve as a foundation to that pile which we are to set a-blazing presently."

That being said, Las Sergas de Esplandian was the pulp novel the conquistadores had on board when they sailed around and encountered the Baja peninsula. What's more, when the Portola party went up the coast, thinking the descriptions in LSdE were based on actual travelers' tales, they thought the California condors were Queen Calafia's big black man-eating griffins.

And so on to the present day where California is ruled by Conan the Barbarian.

Buffy = anti-feminist


That the Hellmouth is "a manifestation of male insecurity" is ridiculous, and the analysis of dual-form Xander is almost as bad, but it's an interesting analysis.

Star Wars and the Gay Agenda


The Gay Agenda is pernicious throughout the six movies. From the black "gimp" mask that Darth Vader wears to his apparent S&M relationship with Governor Tarkin, evinced by the Prncess's line "I should have expected to find you holding Vader's leash," to the way he kneels and calls the Emperor "My Master."

Response to a fanthropology post about ridiculous media conspiracy theories, e.g. Pokémon promotes satanism!!1.

"[Harry Potter's] adult disciples are little more than cowardly escapists"

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My concern is those adults who style themselves Harry Potter fans - supposed grown-ups who waited for the latest release with all the decorum of a drunk cheerleader trying to earn a place on Big Brother. These people are not seeking relief from life - they are denying life itself, excusing themselves from the ordinary business of being an adult and the complexities thereof.

To some large extent, the adult fandom seems devoted to projecting -- or simply adding -- the difficulty and complexity of the real world onto Rowling's books. Ironic, then, that these "cowardly escapists" can't escape it even when they try.

Review of bootleg Harry Potter NES game

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For budgetary reasons, the hazards have been reduced to one, the chess pieces. And it's not even a full version... a couple of pieces bounce around and collide with you. Try thinking of this as the video game equvalent of a high school stage production of Harry Potter and it hurts a little less.

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