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Mailhook: email-to-POST service

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Provides email addresses which redirect (POST) to a URL of your choosing.

Ultimate email obfuscation method



My email contact consists of Egyptian hieroglyphics in one of those 3d art displays. First you gotta stare at it for a few minutes to have the objects pop out. Next its a trip to Egypt where you must follow clues to meet an old shaman. Use his clues to navigate though a snake infested pyramid. Find the one eyed pirate after defeating the octopus. you are rewarded with a postcard with my email address in a sack in sans script. Be sure to avoid the poison arrows and rolling rock on the way out. Spammers be dammed.

DailyLit: books by email


I wish I'd known about this site before I wrote my own bot to do it, I really do. Bah, humbug!

Gmail adds "From:" spoofing


Fantastic! No more messing around with faking In-Reply-To: headers in Thunderbird!

Small things, links and miscellany, sparkling with light. Sam's tumblelog.

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