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Wikipedia:Lamest edit wars


Cow tipping

Is it appropriate to include a picture of a cow with the caption "An unsuspecting potential victim"? ...

Complex maths as a CAPTCHA


I always wanted to set questions like "what is the difference between well-formedness and validity?" for XML talk, or "who directed Citizen Kane?" for film.

The Ms.Scribe Story: An Unauthorized Fandom Biography


The fandom angle isn't especially compelling, given that this kind of story plays out not-infrequently in other online communities, but it's an interesting example. The "Ms.Scribe" described goes to extraordinary lengths to ingratiate herself among the community's elite, making many others miserable in the process. There's no apparent financial profit motive, and she doesn't seem to fit the profile of the traditional trolls at (e.g.) Slashdot, (i.e., it's because their favourite game is to make the little people dance).

Even more astounding is that someone thought enough of it to write such an exhaustive chronicle.

Awww, how sweet


How MetaFilter fell in love. :)

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