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Animation Treasures


Gorgeous reconstructed background images from animated films.

The Censored Eleven


" a group of Warner Brothers cartoons that have been withheld from syndication because of their racial stereotypes..."

Warner Brothers vs. Disney


The biggest difference between the two studios’ approaches is the difference between Wit and Humor, with the enjoyment of Wit relating to a general sadism in the viewer, just as the enjoyment of Humor relates to a general masochism.

We take pleasure in watching Bugs Bunny outwitting his opponents and giving them hell, and in those rare instances when Bugs is an outmaneuvered victim it doesn't sit well. Elmer Fudd doesn't deserve all he gets, no hard feelings, but we want to see him get it anyway. "What a maroon!" The Coyote is a rare Warner Bros. example of Humor. We don't identify with the Road Runner, and like the little boys watching the big TV, we'd like to see the Coyote catch him just once. Humor, on the other hand, rules at Disney. Our sympathies are with Donald's impeded will and explosive tantrums - and not that obstinate deck-chair. We look on Goofy's clumsy misteps with an aghast recognition. The pleasure is mixed with pain.

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