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Cycling jerseys with retro images


If you must wear garish cycling attire, why not go for Munch's "The Scream" instead of some stupid team logo?

Cyclist's Golf Caddy


From the department of absurd accessories.

Rapha bespoke three-piece cycling suit

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Goodbye lycra, hello tweed.



15-person pedal-powered bus

Bicycle Loop Sensor Activator

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Activate traffic lights from your bike! Better than running them.

Bicycles with 5000-watt, $4000 sound systems


If you thought it was stupid on a car, imagine how well concert speakers fit on the back of a BMX.

Hokey Spokes

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Programmable light things that clip onto bicycle wheel spokes.

A Coder in Courierland


A programmer who quit his job and became a bike courier. Unrelated, he wrote a book. And has photos on his website of someone eating kittens.

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