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I was going to express a fond wish that was a good first step towards the kind of free access that could give us an Australian TheyWorkForYou -- then discovered that it's existed since June 2008.


Downloadable Australian government datasets under open licenses!

Angus & Robertson blackmails small publishers

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I'm not surprised: they're already the worst bookseller by far in my local market. If they buy the Borders stores then they'll probably ruin them too.

Telstra reveals their base FTTN price: $59/month for 512kbps


It includes line rental and capacity, but no data transfer. Good grief.

Prisoner Cell Block H (The Complete Collection) - 179 DVD Set


$1600, 179 DVDs, 692 episodes, not one of them worth watching.

proposal to censor Australian internet access

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Here's an idea: let parents opt-in to ineffective censorship schemes. Isn't that what parenting is all about?

behind the "WorkChoices" rhetoric

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Howard's disastrous industrial relations "reform" package promises to make working conditions worse while decreasing pay.

Aussie Hosts


Supposed to be excellent -- US hosting is still 30x cheaper, but I'll go with them if I ever need a site hosted here.

How to kill a country


How the free trade agreement fucked us over.

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