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The Noun Project


Public domain library of vector symbols -- man, parking, stairs, coffee, hairdresser...

Ask Reddit: Your favourite culturally untranslateable phrases?

  • "Piele vleg" - braiding penises : to engage in male bonding
  • "Qué te comiste? Las manos de Perón?" - What did you eat? Peron's hands? (Peron's hands were cut off and stolen from his grave. The whereabouts of the hands remain unknown. This phrase may be used when someone farts and the smell is really, really bad. Implies the one who farted ate something rotten...)
  • "Wearing a cat on your head." - 猫をかぶる (neko o kaburu) - It means to feign innocence.
  • "pensando la inmortalidad del cangrejo" - "thinking about the immortality of the crab" which somehow translates to "daydreaming"

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