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Catalyst - The Top Australian Scientific Achievements


Gotta vote for grandad! Can't win against "eradicated smallpox" or "won a Nobel prize for penicillin antibiotics", though.

17 Simple Rules For Going To The Cinema With Me

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  1. Just as spilling means licking in fraternities at college, so crunching shall mean skullfucking under my regime at the picture house.

  2. [Y]our toddler cannot understand the movie and must therefore pay a surcharge of £900 on his or her ticket, both for taking up valuable space in the theatre and for putting the entire audience on amber alert for a loud case of ‘the grumpies’. In such cases, a knowing smile and statement attesting to your child being "overtired" are neither satisfactory nor welcome. You will be ejected from the cinema post-haste, and your child will be fired from a cannon on the roof of the cinema through the icy freeze of outer space and into the heart of the sun.

Pacific Film Archive CineFiles


Scanned documents from the PFA library.

Limericks making fun of English names with strange pronunciations

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The best one:

The Baron of Fawsley, Lord St John,
Had a fine buckskin coat with a frt john.
He said, "It was guthven
Me by Viscount Ruthven,
Who thinks I'm a cowboy, or t john."

Chandler 1.0!


Always nice to see vapour precipitate. I think I'll actually use this.

EarthBox - "Homegrown Vegetables Without A Garden"


Intriguing mass-market sub-irrigation planter, supposedly better in every way than regular pots etc.

Making of the wireframe CG in Star Wars


Render a frame (2 minutes), take a picture, render a frame (2 minutes), take a picture...

October issue of Esquire to have e-paper cover


No rocket cars yet, but still, animated magazine covers? The future is now.

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