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coolest FizzBuzz solution yet

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Hiding the hard work in a magic number:

(1..100).map {|i| srand(1781773465) if (i%15)==1; [i, "Fizz", "Buzz", "FizzBuzz"][rand(4)]}



Superior Scrabble variant with rules encouraging long words.

Interior Decorating: The Hitchcock Bathroom


Walls dripping blood, shower curtain complete with silhouette, even a plan for towels embroidered "Bates Motel".

My Own Kind of Freedom: Firefly fanfic novel by Steven Brust


First time I've ever heard of an established author doing something like this.

Mark Khaisman tape art


Packaging tape on lightboxes, layered for shading.

Small things, links and miscellany, sparkling with light. Sam's tumblelog.