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Bicycles with 5000-watt, $4000 sound systems


If you thought it was stupid on a car, imagine how well concert speakers fit on the back of a BMX.

ASCII Rave in Haskell

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The idea is to be able to make instrumental sounds by typing onomatopoeic words.

Software now available.

insightful internet comment of the day


Pretty much everyone laughs at suffering of some sort or another, and everyone has a limit, a degree of suffering beyond which they'll find no humor. And everyone thinks that people who draw the line elsewhere are either hypersensitive or monstrous.

  • Mr. President Dr. Steve Elvis America

(You can't argue with qualifications like those!)

Paul Ford: How to Say I Love You

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(51) With dozens and dozens of greeting cards, because the motorcycle accident caused a hemispheral infarction that has made it impossible for you to verbalize emotion and also turned you into a compulsive shopper.

Gmail-Greasemonkey API


Google acknowledges that some people are going to change their own experience of our web applications regardless of what we do. Resistance, as they say, is futile.

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