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Hans Reiser: Once a Linux Visionary, Now Accused of Murder

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Someone at Reddit called it "Truman Capote for nerds": sex, murder, S&M, the Russian mob, violent videogames and a Linux hacker...

(FAKE?) SPOILERS: poster purports to have hacked Bloomsbury, stolen final Harry Potter book

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After the quality of the last couple of books, I thought that spoilers, even fake ones, couldn't possibly make my expectations for this one any lower. I was wrong.

McDonald's UK answers users' questions

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I heard that Ronald Mc Donald is now more Hamburger than man, is this true?

No. Ronald McDonald is a man, not a hamburger.

Strangely hilarious; at least skim the MeFi thread.

CPython simpleQL: build SQL from generator expressions


It's a brilliant/evil hack; it works by getting the expression source from the frame and building an AST from it. Lazyweb request: LINQ. (PyNQ?) ;)

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell


Finally got around to reading it -- thousand-page novels always look daunting -- and was utterly delighted. It's up there with the very best fantasy novels I've ever read.

Bonus link: Crooked Timber "seminar", including a long response by the author.

Prophetic Justice


The United States is now prosecuting suspected terrorists on the basis of their intentions, not just their actions. But in the case of Islamic extremists, how can American jurors fairly weigh words and beliefs when Muslims themselves can’t agree on what they mean?

Terry Moore's (Strangers in Paradise) new project


The final issue of Strangers in Paradise came out this month, and Moore is moving on to... Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane?!

OMGWTF Programming Contest Entry #100328: goplatcalc

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So I decided to take the abstraction up another notch and make the core of my interpreter be an ASCII diagram of logic gates.

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