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The Design Disease: "People with the disease will always choose books by their covers."


There are many such conditions. I threw up a little in my mouth when I first saw the band name "5ive", for example, and again this weekend at a clothes shop called "Temt". Text messages provoke uncontrollable weeping.

pedants take note: the Academy's official position on various pieces of Oscar trivia


Sunrise didn't get best picture, Orson Welles didn't get four nominations for Citizen Kane (his company got one of them), etc.


Torrents for (almost) every Academy Award-nominated film.

Bruce Schneier: The Psychology of Security


Fascinating, like a security book by Malcolm Gladwell or Steven Levitt.

Yahoo! Pipes

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Pipes is a free online service that lets you remix popular feed types and create data mashups using a visual editor. You can use Pipes to run your own web projects, or publish and share your own web services without ever having to write a line of code.

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