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Zombie portraits

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Send in a photo, get a zombified illustration

homebrew card games


Home-made versions of games like Battle Line that look better than the real thing.

Opera JavaScript libraries


Good stuff, BSD licensed.

Trap-Jaw Ant (w/ videos)


The trap-jaw ant, Odontomachus bauri, closes its mandibles at 35 to 64 meters per second (78 to 145 miles per hour), the fastest predatory strike in the animal kingdom. [...] After biting into an intruder, the force of its mandibles springs the ant straight backward up to 39.6 centimeters, with an acceleration equal to 100,000 times the force of gravity.

Word of the day: "View-Source Clan"


An invented term used to describe the developers that will be learning [a] new spec primarily through the process of viewing and copying existing implementations.

That is to say, by using a browser's "view source" function (or similar). See also: "Why specs matter"

Research: men check mobile phones to show off, attract women


I flash my piece-of-%*#@ phone all the time because I don't wear a watch but still keep time obsessively.

Voting Technology and Security


Great article by Bruce Schneier on the recent election problems in Florida. Don't miss the sequel; it's got details of half a dozen more specific cases of real-world failure.

Ultimate email obfuscation method



My email contact consists of Egyptian hieroglyphics in one of those 3d art displays. First you gotta stare at it for a few minutes to have the objects pop out. Next its a trip to Egypt where you must follow clues to meet an old shaman. Use his clues to navigate though a snake infested pyramid. Find the one eyed pirate after defeating the octopus. you are rewarded with a postcard with my email address in a sack in sans script. Be sure to avoid the poison arrows and rolling rock on the way out. Spammers be dammed.

Browncoat, Green Eyes


Nonjon's excellent Firefly/Harry Potter crossover is now complete (~300,000 words).

What's real in "Borat"?


Salon rounds up reports from people featured (fooled) in the film.

Party games you can play with pen and paper


Can't see my friends going for some of these, but Eat Poop You Cat is a distinct possibility.

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