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Javascript Boot Camp Tutorial


Great 108-page JavaScript tutorial (pdf)

swag: "WTF University: Est. 19NaN"


From the recent series of articles at The Daily WTF. My favourite has to be the one with the page containing this code:

<img src="/imgSrc?SELECT data FROM pubwww.dbo.imgs WHERE id=51">

It's too stupid to be true, but still hilarious.

Simple Sharing Extensions for RSS and OPML


The objective of Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE) is to define the minimum extensions necessary to enable loosely-cooperating apps

  1. to use RSS as the basis for item sharing – that is, the bi-directional, asynchronous replication of new and changed items amongst two or more cross-subscribed feeds.

  2. to use OPML as the basis for outline sharing – that is, the bi-directional, asynchronous replication of outlines, such as RSS aggregators' subscription lists

Just today I decided I needed an OPML extension like this for a project. How lovely to unexpectedly find a link to it while reading about some random and completely unrelated topic.

"Little Fuzzy" is in the public domain


Along with a bunch of other H. Beam Piper books, apparently; the copyrights weren't properly renewed.

Bakuten Domino: jaw-droppingly awesome vidoes of random stuff set up and knocked down like dominos


The second video on that page includes explosives, motorcycles and a live emu.

LiveJournal S2: string functions


Nothing like a community banding together to make up for the deficiencies of a product. ;) Think I may have posted this before, but couldn't find it the other day.

Could Be Anyone

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Everyone should read this. (And the followup, which brings joy back in to the picture.)

"Megatron and Slave Leia" (NSFW)


I don't think I've ever seen a picture that so loudly screamed, "your obsession is unhealthy, creepy fanboy!"

22 comic panels that always work


(Incidentally, highlights similarities to film composition.)

Fan-produced audio commentaries

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All the ones I've tried so far have been devoid of either humour or useful insight, but with luck that'll change...

Warner Brothers vs. Disney


The biggest difference between the two studios’ approaches is the difference between Wit and Humor, with the enjoyment of Wit relating to a general sadism in the viewer, just as the enjoyment of Humor relates to a general masochism.

We take pleasure in watching Bugs Bunny outwitting his opponents and giving them hell, and in those rare instances when Bugs is an outmaneuvered victim it doesn't sit well. Elmer Fudd doesn't deserve all he gets, no hard feelings, but we want to see him get it anyway. "What a maroon!" The Coyote is a rare Warner Bros. example of Humor. We don't identify with the Road Runner, and like the little boys watching the big TV, we'd like to see the Coyote catch him just once. Humor, on the other hand, rules at Disney. Our sympathies are with Donald's impeded will and explosive tantrums - and not that obstinate deck-chair. We look on Goofy's clumsy misteps with an aghast recognition. The pleasure is mixed with pain.

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