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The English translation of "The Second Sex" is abominably bad

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When Blanche Knopf bought the book on a trip to France, she was under the impression that it was "a modern-day sex manual" ... [The translator] knew French only from his years as a student at Boston Latin School and Harvard, and had no training in philosophy -- certainly not in the new movement known as existentialism, of which Beauvoir was an adherent.

The curious rise of anti-religious hysteria

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It is the Anglo-American cultural elites' insecurity about their own values that encourages their frenzied attacks on religion.

MENSA intelligence test

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Dodgy puzzles you can find elsewhere, but nice execution with the auto-checking. Except that #16 is actually "C in a D" and #20 is "an", not "a". I got 30, cheated for the rest. (Needed prompting for #28; #31 and #33 were completely impossible.)

LiveJournal Radio


Public LiveJournal voice posts, nonstop and amazingly compelling.

Hogan & Klink: The Master Manipulator


Why would Klink play along? After all, no-one could be that stupid...

James Lovelock: It's too late.

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We are in a fool's climate, accidentally kept cool by smoke, and before this century is over billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable.

Well damn. Eat, drink and be merry?

How to rip a DVD: A Tutorial


Two steps. Ridiculously easy.

Snakes on a Plane sequels


Possible sequels to the greatest film of the century, e.g. "Snakes on a Plane 6: Snakes with Planes". The best:

"Serpents sur un avion"

Jean-Luc Godards' gritty experimental social drama highlighting the existential plight of a group of snakes struggling to come to terms with life on a plane.

Buffy = anti-feminist


That the Hellmouth is "a manifestation of male insecurity" is ridiculous, and the analysis of dual-form Xander is almost as bad, but it's an interesting analysis.

Marusa No Onna Famicom game?!


That it's possible to make a hilarious film about a tax accountant is unbelievable enough, but how could you possibly turn it into a console game?!

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