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Secret Cinema


BT site apparently dedicated to obscure/cult/classic cinema.

A Word A Day: sprachgefuhl


A feeling for language or a sensitivity for what is correct language. ... If you have Sprachgefuhl, you have an ear for idiomatically appropriate language.

manner of death odds

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1 in 31,568 chance of dying as an animal rider or occupant of animal-drawn vehicle

University of California eScholarship Editions

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Recent academic books online, some only for University affiliates but some open to all.

The Self is a Story


I'd said that studying brain function and working with brain-damaged people had led me to certain views about the nature of personal identity; that neuroscience had no place for the soul; that the human brain was a storytelling machine, and that the self was a story.

I said that our deepest intuitions about what it means to be a person are based on an illusion. There is no inner essence, no ego, no observing 'I', no ghost in the machine. The story is all and, moreover, the story is enough.

The Mechanisms of the Slippery Slope


On cost-lowering slippery slopes, attitude-altering slippery slopes, small change tolerance slippery slopes etc.

proposal to censor Australian internet access

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Here's an idea: let parents opt-in to ineffective censorship schemes. Isn't that what parenting is all about?

How American moviegoers are influencing British politics


Throughout the 1970s and '80s British directors like Mike Leigh and Ken Loach portrayed the upper class as uncaring and contemptuous of the rest of society. ... Then, in 1994, the British movie industry shifted gears and started making the upper class loveable. Why? Because it wanted to make it big on the American side of the pond.

the science of Hollywood pseudoscience


When an episode of "Deep Space Nine" involved a comet, Bormanis was tapped for a crash course in the related astrophysics, such as a comet's size and speed. At times, writers simply write the word TECH in the script and then hand it off to Bormanis to fill in the blank.

Maxcat's Giantess Realm


Now that's a weird fetish. (SFW.)

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