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all 31 tracks from Van Morrison's contractual obligation album


They wanted more tracks, he provided them...

fan/geek habits of language and body language

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On those occasions when she showed up at a con to meet Elise, she saw lots of fans in groups talking. To her they seemed angry and rude. To Elise they seemed nothing of the sort. [...]

She did suggest that many of the common features of fanspeak seem to be related to thinking in "written English".

word of the day: proselytute

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From proselytize + prostitute, a derogatory term.

DMCA counter notification form letter


In case your provider is served with an incorrect DMCA letter (and most of them are).

Opera browser now available free

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Too many Firefox extensions I can't live without now; I'd be using Opera otherwise.

Fantasy Bedtime Hour

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Every episode they read 4 pages of "Lord Foul's Bane", analyse it (with guest experts!), then re-enact it. Brilliant.

Marvel gets funding for ten more movies

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Captain America could be decent if he's fighting the Nazis, but it's unlikely. Black Panther and Hawkeye, no. No. No. Shang Chi: martial arts movies are occasionally brilliant, but I see no value in attaching one to this rightly-forgotten franchise. Nick Fury is just another action hero.

Cloak and Dagger has the potential to be excellent (think Sin City), and Ant-Man is different enough to be interesting even if it's mediocre. I actually think that Power Pack could be the best of the lot.

I doubt that the Avengers film will be made anytime soon: too many of the characters are in their own separate films for it to remain consistent with the other franchises.

Dr. Strange has promise, but it'd have to be an origin story -- Strange is far too unlikable and overpowered later on. I expect they'll ruin it anyway with a high-stakes villain like Dormammu.

Of course, it's Marvel, so they're all going to suck. Can't I dream?

JavaScript Logging


Something I wanted but was too lazy to write myself. Yay!

The Rebellion of the Talking Heads


The media is refusing to play the political game in New Orleans. What's so sad and pathetic about this is that it's happened at all -- if it takes a disaster of this magnitude to get the media to ask hard questions, then in all ordinary circumstances their worth is less than nothing.

MouseHole - GreaseMonkey in Ruby

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Userscript proxy -- like an evolved proxomitron. Obviously less powerful than GreaseMonky (no browser access or XMLHttpRequest) but usable out-of-the-box with any browser.

How I Know That The King James Bible Is The Word Of God


It's a parade of trivial fallacies. The Argument From Copyright Law?! IHBT?

BoilerCast: Purdue University podcasts


They don't seem to be blocking access by IP range (yet?), but it's explicitly for students/staff only. Pity: random lectures are always fun listening.

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