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"A Feast For Crows" finally finished!

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I stopped paying attention when the expected release date was pushed back for the fifth time, but I can finally be excited again! And by the time I've finished reading the first three over, it might actually be out...

Science Fiction Studies


Full text of out-of-print issues and selected essays is on the site.



Another JavaScript library. Damn things are breeding like rabbits. This one looks good though, albeit far more limited in scope than (e.g.) Dojo.



Impossibly hard trivia questions pulled live from WikiPedia. I'm at 20+ questions with none right so far...

Secret Wall Tattoos

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Take down hotel-room painting, make artwork on wall, put painting back up...

Revenge of the Sith review in the New Yorker

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What Lucas has devised, over six movies, is a terrible puritan dream: a morality tale in which both sides are bent on moral cleansing, and where their differences can be assuaged only by a triumphant circus of violence. Judging from the whoops and crowings that greeted the opening credits, this is the only dream we are good for. We get the films we deserve.

Strict churches & rational choice theory


The strict church is one in which members with weak commitments have been weeded out. . . . Religion is a " 'commodity' that people produce collectively," says Iannacone. "My religious satisfaction thus depends both on my 'inputs' and those of others." If a rich and textured spiritual experience is what you seek, then a storefront Holy Roller church or an Orthodox shtiebl is a better fit than a suburban church made up of distracted, ambitious people who can barely manage to find a morning free for Sunday services, let alone several evenings a week for text study and volunteer work.

Aussie Hosts


Supposed to be excellent -- US hosting is still 30x cheaper, but I'll go with them if I ever need a site hosted here.

Dojo Toolkit


JavaScript toolkit

Trial By Tenderness: 1.47 million-word fan novel


About 3x the length of The Lord of the Rings. Is this the longest extant?

awesome George Lucas hating :)

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My god, Lucas turned Darth Vader into DARK HELMET!

Thanks to George's appalling lack of subtlety and talent, one of the great embodiments of screen evil is now the lame embodiment of an over-privileged teen trust kid who had to settle for a stock Benz on their birthday instead of the AMG model.

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