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Halle Berry was at the Razzies

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She thanked everyone involved in "Catwoman," a film she said took her from the top of her profession to the bottom.

"I want to thank Warner Brothers for casting me in this piece of shit," she said as she dragged her agent on stage and warned him "next time read the script first."

It is rare for a Razzie winner to show up at the spoof awards held on the night before Oscars -- but Berry did, saying her mother taught her that to be "a good winner you had to be a good loser first." She received a standing ovation.

Book furniture

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Basically just recycled book covers wrapped around bits of wood, but still cool.

Technovelgy: Science Fiction Technology


Great database of invented SF science and technology. Cavorite, the ansible, the stillsuit...

Street kids' folklore


An older boy curled up nearby on a scrap of towel tried to soothe her. "Hurricanes ain't God," he said gently. "It's Blue Lady bringing rain for the flowers." When Maria awoke late in the night, she saw the angel with pale blue skin, blue eyes, and dark hair standing by the broken window. Her arms dripped with pink, gold, and white flowers. "She smiled," Maria says, her dark eyes wide with amazement. "My head was hurting, but she touched it and her hand was cool like ice. She say she's my friend always. That's why she learned me the hard song." The song is complex and strange for such a young child; its theme is the mystery of destiny and will. When Maria heard a church choir sing it, she loved it, but the words were too complicated. "Then the Blue Lady sang it to me," she recalls. "She said it'll help me grow up good, not like daddy."

Roses Are #FF0000

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roses are #FF0000 violets are #0000ff all my base are belong to you

Google movies


Just in time for the Oscars, we've created a new "movie:" operator that enables you to find movie-related information faster and more easily, whether you're looking for titles or actors, director or genre, famous lines or obscure plot details.



Laughing My Ass Off With My Hands Squeezing Your Throat, And As The Final Breath Exits Your Body I Stand Over Your Filthy Corpse And Begin To Beat It With A Sledgehammer.



RikaiXUL is a plugin version of the Japanese Reading function of In runs in (and requires) the Firefox browser.

That is, mouseover kanji to get English and hiragana translations, plus radicals. It's too cool.

News in Chinese, help in English

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Mouseover a character and get a tooltip with magnification and English translation. It's fantastic as a learning tool -- I wish there were sites like it in the language(s) I'm studying in my spare time.

WP-Cache 1.0


WP-Cache is extremely efficient WordPress hack --not a simple plugin-- for page caching. It allows to serve hundred of times more pages per second, and to reduce the response time from several tenths of seconds to less than a millisecond.

Sounds like it's better than Staticize.

SmartWater Invisible Paint


An additional feature of SmartWater Instant is the inclusion tiny micro-dot particles which enable Police to quickly identify the true owner of the property.

The idea is for me to paint this stuff on my valuables as proof of ownership. I think a better idea would be for me to paint it on your valuables, and then call the police.

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