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Atlanta Nights

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"Travis Tea," bless his nonexistent little heart, is the umbrella pseudonym of a group of professional authors and editors, mostly drawn from the SF and fantasy field, who each wrote a chapter or two in order to produce a book that superficially resembles a plausible novel, but gets worse the longer you look at it.

Force Bond


1, 2, 3, 4.

AU: what if a young Luke was taken to Coruscant? (Vader is hopelessly, hopelessly out of character.)

Mandarin Netspeak


Many are numbers that are homophones or near homophones of the characters:

  • '7456' = 七四五六 (qÄ« sì wÇ” liù) = 氣死我了 (qì sǐ wÇ’ le) = "that pisses me off"
  • '246' = 二四六 (èr sì liù) = 餓死了 (è sǐ le) = "I'm starving [to death]"
  • '995' = 九九五 (jiÇ” jiÇ” wÇ”) = 救救我 (jiù jiù wÇ’) = "help me"
  • '886' = å…«å…«å…­ (bā bā liù) = bye-bye 囉 (bye-bye lo) = "bye-bye"
  • '38' = 三八 (sān bā) = "bitchy"

All Over The Floor


A romantic message from Warren Ellis:

Look. I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve for you.

Okay. Maybe it's not my heart.

But the blood's fucking up my best shirt, so that has to count for something.

Defending Oneself with a Walking-Stick or Umbrella when Attacked under Unequal Conditions

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This is the coolest thing I've ever seen. The illustrations feature two well-dressed gentlemen -- both wearing boaters, one wearing a frock coat -- fighting with canes. I now have this fantastic mental image a 19th-century version of The Matrix. Of a world where all Englishmen are ninja.

Message Plants

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When the plants sprout, the messages (somehow imprinted on them) are revealed. If only I could send all my mail concealed in a sprout.

Real-life Calvin & Hobbes snowmen

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Pity he didn't do my favourite, with the huge snow-monster eating snowmen.

Wikipedia:Unusual articles

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Fantastic collection of weird Wikipedia articles--probably none of which would make it into a "real" encyclopedia.

Hacking Coke Machines

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4-2-3-1: access a Coke machine's information menu.

search photos by colour at Japanese Flickr clone

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This'd be a wicked useful feature at a stock photo website.

Too many inputs!

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Onkyo home theatre unit with -- I kid you not -- 10 video inputs (both S-Video and composite), 15+ composite audio inputs, output for 14 speakers, 6+ digital optical inputs, ethernet, RS232 and more.

"This Too Will Pass" - tracing a Jewish folktale

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Avi Solomon is research the origin of the story of King Solomon's ring, and collecting different versions along the way.

random music generator CD

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This CD used on random play mode only.It has various scales included in the 99 tracks.
When using the "random" function, the CD will automatically select random tones, and make a new melody.And when selecting random and return function simultaneously, the new melody will play endless.

Fan Fiction, Fandom and Fanfare [PDF]


Look at the history and legality of fanfiction. From the Boston University Journal of Science and Law.

CSS Zen Garden, Geocities style

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"If we could add JavaScript, I'd have added some autoplay midi and a lovely unicorn to follow the mouse. But I can't. Sob."

Office Weaponry

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Also here. The Micro-Claymore that won the first competition is nasty.

Gizmodo : Oh! Super Toaster!


The product information page is elsewhere, but it's the Gizmodo description that makes it noteworthy:

Being a Japanese brand manager must be the best job in the world: Take an exclamation, add the word 'Super,' and append the product function. That leaves us, in this case, with 'Oh! Super Toaster!' a $10,000 toaster that not only slices whole loaves of bread but then toasts them with an infrared beam. But we could just have easily been left with 'Cripes! Super Chessboard!,' or 'OMFG! Super Floss! (Special Edition)'

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