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Vintage phone as mobile phone headset

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I've got an old phone in the garage somewhere; I'm tempted to buy a handsfree kit and make one of my own. It can't be that hard... (Famous last words.)

The Searchers: Radiohead's unquiet revolution

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I like Radiohead as a band, but I didn't know the members were awesome.

Flexible Renamer


Batch file renaming utility, with support for regular expressions and subfolders.

Google Reception: Real-Time Queries


Google Main reception apparently has a screen showing real-time search queries. If it were a TV station, I would have it on all day.

(I wonder how many visiting businesspeople have looked up just in time to see "kinky xxx bondage porn" scroll by?)

A medical journal's diagnosis of Gollum

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A space occupying lesion such as a brain tumour is unlikely as his symptoms are long standing. Gollum's diet is extremely limited, consisting only of raw fish. Vitamin B-12 deficiency may cause irritability, delusions, and paranoia. His reduced appetite and loss of hair and weight may be associated with iron deficiency anaemia. He is hypervigilant and does not seem to need much sleep. This, accompanied by his bulging eyes and weight loss, suggests hyperthyroidism. Gollum's dislike of sunlight may be due to the photosensitivity of porphyria. Attacks may be induced by starvation and accompanied by paranoid psychosis.

Christian Satanists


He's no better than those people who pretend they're hardcore Christians when they're really preaching Satan Triumphant. I mean the ones who think that after years and years of weekly church services, with hymn-singing and Bible-reading, the least little exposure to some kind of encoded Satanic reference--seeing pictures of rainbows or Ganesha, or taking in the afternoon matinee of the latest Harry Potter movie, or hearing a rock song with muddled lyrics they can't make out anyway--is tantamount to throwing open the door to Satan.

What they're saying is that Satan is much more powerful than God, and that nobody who was even glancingly acquainted with Satanism would ever want to stick with Christianity. They might as well don the robes and start sacrificing goats, because they believe in the mighty power of Satan as much as any declared Satanist out there.

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