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Saturday, 22 January 2005

WordPress bookmarklet Bloglines userscript

What I love about userscripts is the freedom to add functionality I want, whether it's useful for anybody else or not.

Bloglines has a "clip blog" feature, where I can republish clippings from items I read, with or without commentary, to a Bloglines-hosted blog. Useful, I guess, but I already have a blog -- thanks but no thanks; if I want to link to something then I'll do it from here.

This userscript replaces the "Clip/Blog This" links with a WordPress bookmarklet popup, sending the item title and link instead of the usual document title and location. It has to process everything twice -- XPath/DOM magic to change it in the document tree, and a regular expression to modify the JavaScript-cached version used to actually generate the page -- but it's basically instant, except that it won't change until a page is fully loaded. I only notice on image-heavy feeds.

Oh, and it removes the "Email This" link while it's there, since I find it utterly useless.